Amyloidosis - Two Unusual Presentations

Najeeba Riyaz, Bindu V, Naazneen Nasir, Deepthi N S


Amyloidosis is a disease produced by the extra cellular deposition of heterogenic, misfolded proteins, amyloid fibrils, in various tissues. It usually manifests as a systemic disease characterized by multiple organ and tissue involvement. Rarely amyloidosis remains restricted to a single tissue or organ. We report two cases of amyloidosis: a 63 year old lady with primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis (PLCA) presenting with xanthomatous lesions over the trunk and a 61year old man who had evidence of renal involvement in addition to the cutaneous lesions.

Key words:  Amyloidosis, Xanthomatous lesions, Renal involvement

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