Malignant transformation of Lung Bulla

Neethu K Kumar, Sreejith V S, Sunny George, Anandan P T, James P T


Cases of malignant transformation in bullous lung disease are not infrequent, and most of these cancers turn out to be non small cell lung cancer. However, they are often difficult to diagnose because of their uncertain appearance. Here we report a case of bullous lung disease, now presenting with an air – fluid level, in which a diagnosis of malignancy was made by ultrasound, guided fine needle aspiration cytology. Hence this possibility has to be kept in mind when a known case of bullous lung disease presents with worsening symptoms or new radiological shadows which is often treated as secondary infection of a preexisting bulla.

Key words: Malignant transformation, Bullous Lung Disease, ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration


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